Custom Carrier: repurposing HDMI DDC I2C and I2S pins ok?

I’m designing a custom carrier for Orin Nano and NX. I don’t use DisplayPort/HDMI and audio.

  1. Can I safely use the DP1_AUX_P/_N pins (module pins 98 and 100) as a normal I2C interface if I don’t use DisplayPort or HDMI? I would set these pins to I2C6_CLK and I2C6_DAT in pinmux.
  2. Can I safely use the I2S pins (193, 195, 197, 199, 220, 222, 224, 226) as GPIO if I con’t need I2S after setting these signals to GPIO in pinmux?
  1. Don’t suggest to do that as you can see in Design Guide, only four I2C are supported.
  2. Yes, those pins are available to be GPIO.

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