Custom deformable object in Isaac Sim

If I have a vehicle and want to make the tires deformable, how do I do it in Isaac Sim 2023?
As it shows option only for rigid body when I do add → physics and provides deformable options for meshes that are available by default in Isaac Sim.

Hi @dhruvm1 - Have you looked at this document? Deformable-Body Simulation — Omniverse Extensions latest documentation

Hello. It was difficult to find the answer to your question from the link you provided. I also noticed that the option ‘Add-Physics-Deformable body’ is not being activated when trying to apply deformable body and collision to the custom mesh I have. However, I confirmed that deformable body with collision is well applied to the mesh provided by NVIDIA by default. Is it possible that deformable body cannot be applied to custom meshes?

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Hi @dhruvm1,

I am not where where you see deformable bodies show up or not in the add menu. Here some rules:

  • Deformable Bodies can only be added to UsdGeomMesh (not any shape types, because these couldn’t be deformed)
  • The UsdGeomMesh should be sufficiently tesselated, again otherwise it will not be able to adequately deformed.
  • Deformable Bodies don’t need Colliders (these are only for rigid bodies and static). Deformable Bodies can therefore also not be added to prims with Colliders, and vice versa.

Hope that helps