D455 Realsense Camera Compatibility with Jetson Nano 4GB

Has anyone managed to get the D455 working on the Jetson Nano - I’m looking to buy one and would like some confidence in my purchase before I do.
I want to develop the jetbot further with this camera system and its embedded IMU - Thanks

D455 looks to be new model. Most discussions are about D435/D435i:

Since it requires additional drivers, better to see if others have the experience to run it on Jetson Nano and can share guidance before the purchase.

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I think I will go with the D435i - as you say there seems to be no experience of using this newer device on the forum - thanks

it is the same d400 series model
its use is based on the realsense sdk
that can be installed from their github repo
sometimes it might be required to use powered usb hub wioth these cameras though
we using it typically with xavier AGX though

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