Dc barrel jack issue for jetson nx


The question I have feels like a stupid one but I am not able to understand the concept behind this.

When I have inserted the DC barrel Jack into the development module it works fine for the first time but after switching off, I always have to remove and reinsert the jack for NX to turn on. I check the voltages everywhere it looks fine so wanted to understand is there a start sequence that is not getting triggered when I am not removing the jack and turning the wall power on and off.

Also when I connected it to a Buck converter running on a battery I don’t see this issue.

Are you testing on dev kit or custom carrier board? How do you connect buck converter to NX, by DC jack or others? It should be same result if both are connected to same DC jack.

Hey, @Trumany thanks for your reply. I have been testing on the dev kit and surprisingly the behaviors are different when powering DC jack with Liteon (NVIDIA45W2023002754) and our designed Buck converter.

With Liteon, we always have to remove the jack. I even checked all the voltages the Jetson is getting 5V and still does not power on just feel like it’s in a reset state.

Whereas with a Buck converter we are able to get it working without any issues of removing the dc jack.

I am just wondering if that is a sequence and which one is correct and is there any side effect which can damage the Xavier.

How do you switch off the system, by POWER_BTN or ?

We do an OS shutdown for the system and then once the pwr light is off we switch off the power supply from the wall.

Then when we turn on the power supply from the wall the Xavier does not boot up, we have to remove the jack and plug it in.

The auto-power-on function needs the system power supply off totally and then on. The capacitors in power adapter will keep the system power supply a while and so the auto-power-on will fail if plug in at that time.