DC Jack damaged from reverse polarity

Hi, I work with students using the TX1 as an educational tool. We accidentally powered the TX1 development board with reverse polarity at the DC jack and it seems to have blown at least one component near the jack (Jetson TX1 dev board damaged from reverse polarity at DC jack. - Album on Imgur). Based on the schematic, it looks like part MDV3604URH is the one that has been damaged. I need help figuring out a path forward.

Is it possible to replace just this component and for things to be back in working condition?
Is it possible to buy just the carrier board without the TX1?
Is it possible to power to carrier board downstream of this component with a regulated voltage?

Is there anything else you would recommend to get this machine back up and running?

Hi, please check page 27 of schematic. MDV3604URH is the part number of power mosfet, basically it is not so easy to be broken, you can check D13 to see if it is broken.

To locate the issue point, you need to remove all suspect components until no short happen by measuring with multi-meter.