Jetson Xavier NX damaged with reverse polarity

Hello, I’m working with Jetson Xavier NX in my school project. And I accidentally power my Jetson Xavier NX develop kid in reverse polarity.
Now I saw the zener diode(D65) was burn down.
Is it possible to replace the diode and get it back up and running? Or I need to replace the other component?

I can’t completely answer that, someone else will need to also comment. It is quite common that the power circuit of the carrier board can be destroyed, but the module is unharmed. It is also common for just one related component, such as that diode, is the only thing that needs replacement. You basically have to try and find out, but someone else will need to say what specific component(s) should be replaced.

Incidentally, if you have a part number, then a good place to start for checking suppliers is Octopart:

You can remove D65 to check if board can boot.

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