The board's on fire

Hi, I connected the external battery to the computer to put the board on the drone.
But I accidentally connected the +,- in reverse. So there was a fire on the board in q25 and the socket burned. How can we solve this? When I measured the voltage of the other pins with the tester, it went in well. And if you put in the power normally, the LED lights come on for a short time and then don’t come on. Is the board dead? Write an article through a translator and help me even if you don’t understand.

It can’t be guaranteed, but most likely it is only the carrier board which is dead. If you have another dev kit (I’m assuming it is a dev kit), then possibly the old module would work on the new carrier board. Unfortunately, you cannot purchase a carrier board by itself. There are third party carrier boards, but not individually sold dev kit carrier boards.

That will need some soldering at best (replacing the components that burned / got shorted). My guess you’ll need to replace Q25 and roughly looking at the board schematics I’d say examine if U3 performs well.

It needs to check and find out the issue point/component by measuring on board or by removing components.