Our Jetson AGX Xavier devboard suddently bricked

Is it dead or recoverable? If recoverable how?
The unit turn on for 1/2 second only (LED) then turn off. It was working fine at 8AM, then at 10AM it suddenly went down to never turn back on.
What we tested:
-Tried recovery mode, never becomes visible to a host PC
-Connected to the UART console, it stays blank
-Probed the recovery button, it seems to be working, but no reaction on the board
-Power is 19V

Hi jonathan.boisclair,

What’s your Jetpack version in use?

Did you run any application between 8AM and 10AM?
Do you have the serial console log during this period?

Could you enter force recovery state before?
Please press REC button → power the board → press/release power button → release REC button.

We were running Jetpack 4.6.1

We were previously able to enter recovery mode. But not anymore.

At 8am we ran some ROS2 code, at 9am we shut the xavier down for a break and we came back at 10am for it to never turn on again. I do not have the serial log during this period. Component 1R0 seems to have some kind of rust/burn that appeared.

What is the 1R0? Is it on carrier board of dekit? Can you share a photo of it?

That component is next to the wifi slot. See the Orange/Browning mark on the metal that suddenly appeared when it stopped working.

It is L507, 1uH inductor of system 3V3 output. It looks fine from your photo…If no other finding, you can try replacing it (P/N:STPI1003-1R0M-HF) if damaged.

Thank you for the piece number, we’re trying to figure out the issue, since it’s easier to show, I uploaded a unlisted video about the issue we’re having. https://youtu.be/Yv4a8T64fpw
Keep in mind forced recovery does the exact same thing, half a second of the led being on only.
Once the issue is identified we can replace the broken parts or replace the whole unit.

Further info: We identified the issue to be the same as J502JTAG short circuit damaged carrier board . The U504 being burnt. Inductance had the brown/burnt substance only on the surface, probably coming from the other chip when it burnt. The JTag seems fine, however since we are a 10-student team working on our system, it is not possible to be certain it wasn’t bent and fixed afterward. Thanks for the help with the inductor. Would buying a new carrier board be a better option than debugging this one, if so, does Nvidia have an official shop for it? Trying the solution to remove U504 and check if the system boot.

Latest news, as suggested in the other post, we removed U504, the unit seems to “boot” as the light stays on and even enable recovery mode to become visible in the SDK. However SDK fails to flash with

09:04:29 INFO: Flash Jetson Linux - flash: [ 24.0939 ] MB2 Applet version 01.00.0000
09:04:29 INFO: Flash Jetson Linux - flash: [ 24.9788 ] 000000003626050d: E> NV3P_SERVER: Could not read eeprom for module cvb.
09:04:30 INFO: Flash Jetson Linux - flash: [ 25.0418 ] CPU Bootloader is not running on device.
09:04:30 INFO: Flash Jetson Linux - flash: Command tegradevflash_v2 --oem platformdetails eeprom cvb /home/boiscljo/nvidia/nvidia_sdk/JetPack_5.1.3_Linux_JETSON_AGX_XAVIER_TARGETS/Linux_for_Tegra/bootloader/bbd.bin

Still trying to figure out if it’s worth buying a new carrier board or if we should continue to try and fix the unit.

U504 is load switch of VDD_1V8. Some components on carrier board will be affected like the EEPROM device. Carrier board is not for sale seperately. You may need to buy a new devkit instead.

We’ve removed U504 and added an external power source for the 1.8V injected through the J514 1.8V pin, and the whole unit works as expected. Thanks for your help. In the event someone U504 gets burnt, they could provide a 3-4A 1.8V power source on pin 3 of J514 to make the unit work as expected.

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