Trouble flashing Jetson Xavier AGX with AX720 carrier board

I am trying to setup my jetson Xavier AGX with an AX720 carrier board .

The host computer I am using has ubuntu 18.04 and I am using Jetpack 4.1.

When I connect the board to the power source without any cable connected the leds are turned on. But when I connect to the power source with the USB-C cable connected to the carrier the leds never turn on.

I am trying to force recovery mode but I am not understanding how to do it because with the USB-C cable connected the leds are always off and the device is not listed when doing lsusb in the terminal.

I tried with several different cables.

Do I need to short-circuit Pin1 and Pin2 of the Wafer connector next to the recovery button?

Please refer to vendor’s get start guide and use the newer SW to try.
We don’t own their carrier board, can’t give much suggestions.

The carrier board and Jetson being new, when I connect it to a monitor and plug in a power supply, should something appear on the monitor?


We cannot answer this question. If the BSP you use is wrong for your custom board, then it is possible that you cannot see things on monitor.

Again, you need to get the software from the board vendor first.

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