Deal with Unreal Engine 5 on A100

Hello everyone. I need help to let Epic Games Launcher and Unreal Engine use my NVIDIA A100 40GB. Currently Windows uses it in TCC mode. So my questions are:

  • There is a way to switch to wddm mode? if yes, how? (nvidia-smi -g GID -dm 0 is not working, I read about GRID License but its EOL was an year ago).
  • Will DirectX11/DirectX12 works fine if I use wddm? Am I missing something?
  • Can I use Unreal Engine and DirectX or Vulkan in TCC mode? How?

Thank you <3

Simply NO.
Use a GPU that support graphics.

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I already tested Unreal Engine on Ubuntu and it works (and uses the graphic card). My problem is that some plugins need DirectX so I have to use Windows.

As I said, there is no driver for Windows that supports graphics (DirectX, OpenGL…). A100 is a pure compute GPU.
You will need a GPU like A40, L40 to support graphics on Windows. Keep also in mind that this would require a vGPU license as we support WDDM only with vGPU drivers.

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Thank you for this explanation and your time :D

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