Deepstream nvtracker maximum tracking id


I am wondering what is the maximum id that an object can take from nvtracker because the IDs in the pipeline is always increasing I want to know if I let my pipeline running for days will it reset the IDs if it reached the maximum of its datatype ? and what is the maximum id that the object could take ?

Thanks in advance.

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I am running Deepstream 5.1 on Dell G5 15 the GPU is GTX 1650ti the OS is Ubuntu 18.04.5LTS tensorrt version GPU Driver 460.39 CUDA version 11.2

You can check the filed inside _NvDsObjectMeta, so it should less than the max number guint64 can represent
guint64 object_id;

what happens to the tracking IDs if the maximum of guint64 is reached ? does it restart giving IDs from 0 again ?

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Yeah, it will override the previous ID, what’s the issue did you meet?

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