Where and how are the tracker id's for each tracked object structure are being generated in nvidia deepstream tracker.

Hello Everyone,

I am currently trying to figure out a way of reducing the tracking id’s generated to some fixed limit let say 0-200 only( As once being used and terminated) the same track id could be reassigned again to a new object appearing in the next frame, maintaining the limit for track id’s from 0 to 200. As this way maintaining the trackid’s record with a data structure such as map will be more efficient.

Kindly let me know where(as in which module) and how(which function) are these track id’s being generated for each tracked object in their corresponding NvMOTTrackedObj structure referred in nvdstracker.h file.

I am currently using nvdcf.so as my low level tracker lib in my deepstream pipeline.
Pointing me towards a source code for nvdcf tracker would be great too!

Looking forward.


Sorry for a late reply, tracker plugin and low level tracker code not open sourced.

You can change the config “maxTargetsPerStream” if you are using NvDCF tracker, pls refer 2.2.6 https://docs.nvidia.com/metropolis/deepstream/4.0/DeepStream_Plugin_Manual.pdf#%5B%7B%22num%22%3A56%2C%22gen%22%3A0%7D%2C%7B%22name%22%3A%22XYZ%22%7D%2C106%2C223%2C0%5D