/dev/root is full (Solved)

Last night I had over 10GB of free space. Today I have 230MB. I tried doing a Tensorflow build which failed. I’m wondering if there are some tmp files left over from this process. Any ideas on how to go about resolving this? BTW what is the amount of free space remaining after a fresh JetPack install?

Ok I figured it out. I had 6.3GB of /root/.cache/bazel.

A great command to determine what is eating up your space:
sudo du -xh / | grep -P “G\t”

Then to delete:
sudo rm -rf /root/.cache/bazel/

If you don’t mind the high resource requirements (well, it isn’t actually a lot, it is just more than some people would want on an embedded system) the GUI version of this is “filelight”:

sudo apt-get install filelight

It gives a nice punch-down pie chart.

Thanks. A very nice tool.