Jetson TX2 not loading after 0 free memory

Hi, It’s so frustrating to work with Jetson, I tried to reinstall OpenCV because default OpenCV Tegra has many problems. In the middle of building OpenCV suddenly 0 memory left message showed up. I deleted everything that recently installed, folder, etc and empty the thrash can, but still 0 memory left. I tried to reboot but it’s getting worse. It stuck on booting screen, I know it needs memory to create temp file but nothing I can do right now. I can’t login, can’t access the Jetson from my PC using SSH as well. Even worse I can’t do the re-flashing either. Please help

It sounds weird that you cannot do reflash.

What error do you see when re-flashing?

@WayneWWW sorry, after some fixes I managed to reflash the OS. But no memory left problem could be a serious problem. Is there any simple solution for that?

How do you get 0 space? By installing opencv from source?

If so, could you do not use -j4/-j8 option during compilation? Opencv would create a lot of file during compiling and then remove it after it is finished.

If you want to save your time, you could use external disk(usb/sd).

I couldn’t tell you the exact steps, but you can use quotas to reserve space for particular directories and users. Normally tune2fs is used for the more basic reserve of space (see “sudo tune2fs -l /dev/mmcblk0p1 | grep -i reserved” ). Note that the ID of “0” is saying user and group root, not “zero content size”.

One detail I am particularly unsure of is that if you reserve space for root, then we know root can rescue the system…but when root account is locked and you must sudo for root, then I’m not sure if a non-root process would still be able to create a temporary file needed when using sudo. Whatever you do be sure to actually test it if you are going to rely on it. It is a topic I’m sure a lot of people would be interested in.