My tx2 system is full and cannot be turned on at all.What should I do?

Because the system memory is full, there is no way to enter the boot interface, or even boot.What should I do to turn him on?

Is it correct that this is a TX2 dev kit running on eMMC, and not a third party carrier board running on SD card?

Essentially, what you might do to save things, is to clone (cloning procedure changes depending on the above questions). Then edit the clone, and reflash the clone instead of generating a new rootfs.

Also, do you have an Ubuntu 18.04 (or 16.04) host PC? This is used with the flash software. VMs tend to have problems. Using command line you might be able to use something other than those Ubuntu releases, but a native Ubuntu is far less frustrating than a VM.

I solved the problem.Thank you.

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