removing jetpack installation files from host?

i’m interested in removing as many jetpack files present after an install from the host. Is there some method i should use? thanks

I use Fedora as a host so I do not know JetPack specifics, but if you are trying to save space, there are a couple of places to very quickly make a lot of space available.

There should be a Linux_for_Tegra directory, and within that, a bootloader subdirectory. The two files which are temporary and which can remove over 15GB are system.img and system.img.raw. Additionally, the rootfs subdirectory can have everything removed, and repopulated later from sample rootfs.

ok. thanks. that was a good start. here’s the situation i’m looking at reducing. on this host i have done 2 tk1 installs and 3 tx1 installs. so basically a files collection that is mostly repeating the same files multiple times. 2 versions of tk1 and 2 32bit versions plus 1 64bit version of tx1. just ridding the .img files you mentioned created a good deal of new space. and with the next release tx1 potentially 2 more folders with essentially same files. each install there was 1 top directory. anything adverse with deleting the top [and all within] folder? thanks.

Basically system.img.raw is created each time you do a new flash, and is the size of the entire file system on Jetson…about 15GB. Then sparse/compressed version is created, system.img (usually 2-3GB). Each flash of a JTK1 will rebuild these in the JTK1 driver package area. Each flash of a JTX1 will build them in the JTX1 driver package area. As long as a JTX1 driver package exists only once, you’ll only create those files in one place. JTX1 driver package is the same deal, but JTX1 is separate from JTK1 driver package. If you somehow managed to get more than one driver package installed, multiply by that number what space is used. And of course the rootfs directory of each driver package is the actual content of an entire Jetson, usually a couple of GB. That file content is from the sample rootfs, you could delete both the rootfs directory and the sample rootfs tarball (which can be downloaded at any time).

If you are going to develop, it might be worth while keeping the Linux_for_Tegra driver package directory other than those mentioned files. If not, you can delete the entire Linux_for_Tegra directory. Other things you may have installed via JetPack tend to be for the host, so those you wouldn’t want to get rid of, e.g., the CUDA package to allow CUDA on host, or nsight environment. None of those “useful to host” have anything to do with the Linux_for_Tegra directory (it’s safe to destroy Linux_for_Tegra so far as host is concerned).

great information. this helps me to trim down to essentials. thank you.