Device use jetson-inference demo will reboot

I used jetson-nano device to run the jetson-inference(limb recognition) case and the device suddenly rebooted in less than 10 seconds. Now I don’t know how to solve this problem my jetpack is 4.6.2

Hi @user128674, since your device rebooted under processing load, my guess is that the issue is related to power. One way to check this is to put your device into 5W mode with sudo nvpmodel -m 1, and try again - if it doesn’t reboot this time, it probably means that your power supply isn’t capable of delivering a sustained 10W load.

Which power supply are you using?

i use power was 5v 4A but The equipment was unstable to plug in, and sometimes the fan ran when the indicator light was off

Hi @user128674, you can find some power supply recommendations for Jetson Nano 4GB in this thread:

I have tried to change the official standard power supply, but it doesn’t seem to work. I suspect there is something wrong with the power socket. How should I solve it?

Which power supply are you using?

Did you confirm that switching your device to 5W mode (with sudo nvpmodel -m 1) makes the reboots go away? This would confirm that it’s a power issue.

I tried what you said, and the device did not restart. Should I replace the power supply in that case? I have two Nano boards, which can be used normally on the other board with the same power supply, but the one with the problem is not;I’m still using 5V 4A power

Yes, that is what I would do. Or are you saying that when you change the power supply, this unit still reboots? In that case, you may want to RMA it.

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