Display ports are not working on RTX 3070-ti

None of my display ports on my GPU are working. I made a stackexchange post about it summarizing my setup and things I’ve tried to fix the issue: drivers - Ubuntu 22.04 nvidia gpu immediately puts display port connected monitors in standby mode - Ask Ubuntu.

Additionally, I tried loading into a fresh boot from a flash drive to try to force the display ports to work independently of the driver I chose but it still fails. This idea failing makes me feel the GPU is broken, but I would like some help figuring out what steps to take next. I’ve also attached my recent nvidia-bug-report.log.gz from running the bug report script. I hope it might be insightful. I haven’t seen any remarkable errors. Thanks!

Please attach nvidia-bug-report.log.gz

This post got hidden by the spam filter when I initially made it. Refer to GPU display ports are not working on Ubuntu 22.04 with an RTX 3070-ti for the actual thread.

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