RTX 4070 Super DisplayPort does not work on Ubuntu 22.04

I’ve just bought an RTX 4070 Super, and upon installing it, the DisplayPort does not work. It does not output any image to the monitor connected via DisplayPort; it only outputs via HDMI.

I have tried nvidia-353 and nvidia-550, and the problem is the same on both.

I’m not really sure if this is a Linux-specific issue, because if I connect a monitor ONLY through DisplayPort (and leave the HDMI port unplugged), even the BIOS does not output anything. I contacted your customer support via ‘Live Chat’ already, but they directed me to this forum since I’m running Linux; but it does seem like the BIOS itself is having issues too.

The monitor in question is connected via a HDMI-to-DisplayPort cable, which worked fine on the GTX 960. Neither of my monitors support DisplayPort directly, and the GPU has only 1 HDMI port.

What can I do to fix this issue? I have no other way to use two screens because there is only one HDMI port.

Rather sounds like either the displayport connector or the cable is broken. Already tried a different DP2HDMI cable?

The same HP2HDMI cable worked on the GTX 960 so probably unlikely that it’s broken. I did see some posts suggesting that ‘passive’ adapters might not work, so I bought an ‘active’ one to try it out. It won’t arrive until tomorrow so I have to wait until then for results.

If the replacement cable doesn’t work, is there anything more to try beyond returning this on warranty?

Passive adapters should work as well, only being limited in resolution/refresh rate.
If the other adapter doesn’t work either, you can only return the card, it’s broken.

I tried it with the active DP2HDMI cable and now it works. I have no idea why the passive one didn’t; perhaps I broke it while putting the new GPU in.

Either way, it works now, thanks for your help.