NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Ti on Ubuntu 22.04.2 not recognizing Dell 27 inch displays

Originally I installed Ubuntu 22.04.2 on my Dell XPS 8950 and the NVIDIA drivers seemed to work fine. After an Ubuntu update one day, the driver stopped working. Only way to get both of my Dell 27" displays to work, is using the Nouveau driver. When using the NVIDIA driver, it says “Unknown Display” in Ubuntu’s display settings.

Here is my nvidia-bug-report.sh


Any ideas?

You have secure boot enabled so I suspect you previously had the precompiled, signed modules installed which only work on the standard kernel. You somehow got switched to the 6.1-oem kernel so the modules don’t work anymore.
Please check if you can switch back to the standard (5.15 or 5.19) ubuntu kernel. Please post the output of
dpkg -l |grep nvidia