Displayport audio stops working after monitor goes to sleep with 346.47

I’ve got a Dell U3014 and I’m using the line-out on the monitor to drive my speakers. Up to 346.35, the audio would work fine before and after the monitor was asleep. With 346.47, after waking up, there’s no sound. The audio device is still present, and I can select it, but I don’t hear anything. I have to turn the monitor off and on again before the sound works.

I’m guessing this is related to:

  • Fixed a bug that caused DisplayPort audio to stop working after monitors are hotplugged.

I appreciate hotplug working better, but I put the monitor to sleep a lot more :-)

Also, VT switching away from X and back again fixes it.

This is still a problem with 349.12. It is a regression - didn’t happen with earlier releases.

philipl, What was the earlier driver version work for you for DP audio issue? Please reproduce the issue and provide nvidia-bug-report by running nvidia-bug-report.sh script as root user. The nvidia-bug-report.sh will collect information about your system and create the file ‘nvidia-bug-report.log.gz’ in the current directory.

It last worked correctly on 346.35. Then it was broken in 346.47 and in 349.12.

I can’t find a way to attach to posts anymore. But here’s the log.


I can confirm this. After upgrading to 346.47 I have exactly the same problem now. Also after switching from X and back audio works again.

This is a really annoying bug.

I have this same problem with 346.47, did not have it with 346.35. ^And yes, it’s super annoying.

tracking this issue under 200094651

This appears to be fixed in 352.09. Is that correct?

For me it definitely got better, but audio still stops working sometimes.

Yes. It seemed to work for a while and then it failed again after going to sleep.

The issue is still there with the latest driver (361.28).

After the monitor goes to sleep and is turned on again, there is no sound over Displayport.
When switching VT from X and back, audio works again.

I can confirm that the issue is still there with [361.42]

A switch to VT and back does make it work again, a quicker way is just to run xrandr.

I’ve had variations of this problem since 340.96, which was the last driver where DP audio was usable without having to switch to VT.

Same here, currently on 364.19

and on 367.27 as well

still exists on 375.26

Sorry for delay. have updated bug with this latest info. We are still investigating this issue. It would good if you can share nvida bug report when issue hit. I

Still present on 378.13 :-/
Occurs when monitor goes to sleep. AOC monitor. M2752PQU.

Has it really been two years? wow. This still happens for me, but at least now, you can just ran ‘xrandr’ after resuming to turn the audio back on.

Yes, on Debian Sid, the xrandr trick works for me, as does switching to another VT and back to session.

Until I found this thread, I believed my new monitor had defective hardware, but stuck with it.It’s a really poor out of box experience.