Distance_to_camera files outputting infinity for some reason

I want to use these distance files to determine the which bottles are closer to adjust bounding boxes and prevent them from clipping into one another. However, the distance files appear to be composed of a long list of ‘Infinity’ with a few numbers in between.

Could someone please tell me what these files should look like and why exactly this might be happening?

Here’s the image the file is tied to. 14 bottles in an open space and a dome light background and they have randomized visibility.

Hello @jonathan.meitzler ! I’ve shared your post with the dev team for further assistance.

Hi @jonathan.meitzler . When an image pixel is depicted in the background, the distance to camera is infinity. In the provided example there are only few objects in the scene and most of the image shows the background which is expected to have a distance to camera set to infinity.

Hope that clarifies things.

Thank you pcallender, it certainly does. Although I’m confused as to how to apply certain values to the bounding boxes of the objects. I know I’ll have to create a python script to decipher it, but I’m not sure which numbers apply to which objects.
These files apply to the image I posted.
distance_to_camera_0000.npy (8.8 MB)
bounding_box_2d_tight_0000.npy (360 Bytes)
bounding_box_2d_tight_labels_0000.json (200 Bytes)
bounding_box_2d_tight_prim_paths_0000.json (186 Bytes)

Also are the distance file supposed to look like this, because if not could I get an example? I just feel like this is to cluttered.

At this point I’m wondering if I should find a way to print the z-axis’ of the bottles.
Wait you probably didn’t receive my last message, sorry.