Offline Dataset Generation( - get_groundtruth rgb -> returns gray scale RGB

Using to generate offline simulated data. Out’o’box.

For some reason, the value returned from get_groundtruth (with “rgb” enabled) returns a gray image. I also notice that the images used for the bbox drawing is gray scale - though the rectangular boxes are in color.

Settings? Thanks!

@peter.gaston Do you see gray scale images for all the recorded RGB data or only for the first few frames?

It might happen that materials were still loading for the first few frames when the RGB data was getting recorded. These RGB images are used and then colored bounding boxes are overlayed on top of it to show the 2D bounding box data.

I created another topic, a few above this with more detail and my solution. It was a little more serious than ‘the first few’, as well as requiring a ‘sleep’ after every randomization. Thanks for response though!

I assume that the next version may address some of these bugs? (Add in the POSE not working in - even after fixing the ‘def’ to take the right number of args…

Linking the topic here: - rgb retrieves camera grayscale, not color (Solved! ?) - #5 by sdebnath

Yes, we will address some of the bugs in upcoming release.