Calculate Distance from Isaac sim depth images

I am new to Omniverse and I want to use Isaac sim to generate synthetic images. I want to ask if there is a way we can predict the distance (in any distance unit) of an object to the camera by using the generated depth images’ numpy files.

Hi @toufic.kashmar. Welcome to the forums! Let me check with the dev team on that.

The devs say you can use numpy.load() to read the images and check the distances per pixel:

import numpy as np
path = r"C:\path\to\distance_to_camera_16.npy"
test = np.load(path)

The distances represent distance from the camera in meters.

Thank you @mati-nvidia for your answer.
I am actually using the np.load() function, but I am not sure what the values of the array stand for. What do the returned values of the npy array mean?

@toufic.kashmar The dev team has informed me that the units are in meters. The depth map represents distance from camera.

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