The depth image from Distance To Camera(Depth) is wrong when I convert rgb+d to pointclouds it is distorted

When I generate point clouds using RGB and depth data, I observe distortions in the resulting point cloud. I suspect that the depth data, which represents the distance to the camera, might be inaccurate or misinterpreted during the conversion process.

There is distance_to_camera and distance_to_image_plane. Could it be that the wrong data format was used?

Hi @Weylon2023, have you resolved the problem? I have the similar one.

I’m trying to simulate Intel RealSense D455 camera (I use standard D455 camera rig from Isaac). I want to publish point clouds from camera to ROS2 utilising the OmniGraph, see the screenshot below:

When I visualising point cloud in RViz, it seems distorted:

It seems like I should add a rectification node before ROS2 camera helper, but I have no ideas how to do it.

Hi! @pavel.butov , I resolved the problem by replacing distance_to_camera with distance_to_image_plane. It can get the correct rgb-d heightmaps and the correct point clouds.

@Weylon2023 thank you for your feedback! Could you please give me some more details? Where should I replace it (would you be so kind as to attach a screenshot or something)?

Hi, @pavel.butov , I made modifications in my settings for the camera, after initialization, you could define some APIs to get information via the camera.

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