DLSS2 / DLSS3 Version Number Question

I am writing an article and I am trying to locate the reason why DLSS2 and DLSS3 share the same version numbers now at 3.5.0. Can someone accurately explain this?

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Can you be a bit more specific regarding which version numbers you mean? There is no “DLSS2” anymore in DLSS3, so I am not clear on what you think is sharing a version number.


DLSS and DLSS-G are both at 3.5.0 Driver Downloads | TechPowerUp

Please check out DLSS - Download and Get Started | NVIDIA Developer I think that page explains much better how the versioning looks like.

DLSS is the collection of different technologies like Super Resolution, Frame Generation or Ray Reconstruction. This collection is now at version 3.5.

I appreciate the responses I know all about DLSS. I just want to know why the version was so weird and confusing to my viewers and gamers. and now why they are both at 3.5 when they are two different files? It confuses average people trying to update their files.

Ah, now I get what you mean.

I hope you can understand that I am not at liberty to disclose the reasoning behind current or past versioning.

But I will forward this as feedback to the right people and hopefully we will be able to make this more consistent and less confusing in the future.

And with respect to updating it should be safe to simply use the latest Streamline package or DLSS SDK. The main difference in packaging of FG vs SR is that people who don’t have access to 40 series GPUs don’t need the FG version and should use the SR version only.

Thank you for the acknowledgment. I created a python script and a full-blown app that searches for and allows DLSS file switching. Got tired of no automated solutions.

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