DO NOT buy anything from e-Con systems.

Please save yourself the trouble and DO NOT buy anything from e-Con systems.

so i see so far e-Con systems lacking strategy of deploying a camera clean so it just works by installing a driver and i can keep my latest kernel and softwares.

they hide the documentation by forcing you to log in with a “corporate account” before you can download the documentation. a corporate account being something thats not gmail. so i had to go pay 20 bucks for a domain just to log into e-Con and get the documentation.

since e-Con claims Nvidia partner status i figured the camera would just work.

yeah it only works if you downgrade your development desktop to Ubuntu 14. So basically wipe your only computer clean and start fresh just for e-Con. Then you find out they basically wipe your Jetson Clean to put a L4T 28.2 Kernel they patch so you lose all the good softwares you get from Jetpack!!!

and i see e-Con lacking integrity by cleansing thier site and process of things that would make me realize i should not have bought this camera in the first place.

the company is a foreign company. so the video of the camera “working” has no voices in it. Just happy music and text at the bottom instead of someone talking.

when you order the actual device you dont realize its coming from india and you are paying an arm and a leg for the delivery until you get a link to DHL tracking that says first stop CHennai. They even cheat by giving you the delivery date and time in their time instead of my time so i think its coming today and not 24 hours from now.

I still have not received any help from them despite numerous avenues ive taken including email, web chat ( the dont show up you are always next in the queue ).

please please dont buy anything from this company. i can see why the company name is e-CON. CON as in criminal.

Hi Juan,
Sorry for the inconvenience. We have already published all the supported Jetpack version in our website ( and also in the documentation. It is possible that you might not have noticed it. But if you could have asked us either over the email or chat, we would have informed you. There is nothing to hide.
Also, in the terms and conditions clearly says that the products will be shipped out from India.
We are in the process of migrating all our products to Latest Jetpack. Once our engineering release is ready, we can share the package to the customer.

Thanks Jeslin,

The Econ company has refunded me the money and helped me understand next steps. They also allowed me to keep the device even though the money was refunded. I will wait until they have migrated their products to the latest jetpack so that i can move forward with their great product.