Docker image for Jetson Nano r32.7.1/Jetpack 4.6.1


I see that there is a crosscompiling image for Jetson Nano with SDK 5.0 and 5.1 (cf. JetPack Cross Compilation container | NVIDIA NGC), but I do not found image for version Jetson r32.7.1 (Jetpack 4.6.1).
Is is possible to create an image for that version 4.6.1?
Or is not, is it possible to have the “Dockerfile” which have been used to create the version 5.0 (to try to modified it to build an image for previous version)?


Here is the Orin Nano board.
Do you use Nano (Maxwell GPU) or Orin Nano (Ampere GPU)?

The cross-compile container only supports JetPack 5 or above.
However, JetPack 5 doesn’t support Maxwell Nano.

Due to some BSP dependency, it’s not able to run a JetPack 5(r35) container on a JetPack 4(r32) environment.


oh sorry, indeed it’s a Jetson Nano, not a Orin Nano, my mistake for the wrong board.

Thank you for clarifying me that it’s not possible to have a container with JetPack4(r32).
I will try another way by using a simple L4T (r32) container to compile my executable. I have some question about that, related to TensorRT and CUDA SDK installation, so I will create a new post on the right Nano Board.


just a quick question, is it to possible to have the Dockerfile of image for cross compilation JetPack Cross Compilation container | NVIDIA NGC ?

I would like to try to create my own image from previous JetPack version.

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