Does anyone have a dtb file for the imx477 camera?

I have this adapter that breaks out the camera board into 2x 22 lane csi ribbon cables. And I have compiled an imx477 driver from thee kernel source. As far as I can tell I just need a dtbo file for it, however it only seems to be available for the nx and the nano. Could someone take a look at this and either help me port the dtbo file from the nx, write my own, or just point me in the right direction for what I need to research to get this done?
I would really appreciate any help I can get. Thanks!

Camera I have

Data Sheet for adapter board

Suppose this sensor board only support on Xavier NX. And you should be able follow the Driver Setup in your post link to get it work by on Xavier NX.

I think The reseller I got the camera from may be able to provide the source files I need, I just figured this out so I think I might be able to get by on my own. Thanks for the response though!

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