Does Jetbot work with Jetpack 4.4.1?

Hi, is there any known issue by using Jetson Nano 2G in the Jetbot with JetPack 4.4.1. Exactlly my Jetson Nano 2G does not work with:
but previously was ok with
I found some notes and looks the JetBot should work with JetPack 4.4.1:

(Please note, the JetBot containers described in this page currently target a Jetson Nano SD card image flashed with JetPack 4.4. These containers will not work with other version of JetPack.)
Shall I use the older JetPack4.3 for JetBot? Is there any problem because of only 2G?

Hi draganam,

Thanks for reaching out!

The latest SD card hosted here should work with Jetson Nano 2G

If it doesn’t, this is likely an issue we’ll need to address.

Please let me know if this works for you or you run into issues.


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After flashing with on the Jetson Nano 2G and trying to login (as jetbot), only feedback:
tegra- i2c xxx: no ackowledge from address 0x3c
Any idea what is wrong?

ok solved: this error message - no ackowledge from address 0x3c is not appearing if I logg to Jetson over my PC and WindowsPowerShell.
[] is working!