Does this work as CSI Camera Connector for Orin Nano?

I am looking for a cable that will work on the board’s CSI camera, does that match the ports specs? I couldn’t find exact part number of a 22pin cable. If you have any links to it that would be great as well.

Found the hard way. It might not work in some cameras and the one’s I got from Arducam (UC-517).
It needs to be flipped:

hello mrkprdo,

please refer to Jetson Orin Nano Developer Kit Carrier Board Specification.
re-cap as following.

3.2 Camera Connector
The Jetson Orin Nano carrier board includes two 22-position flex (0.5 mm pitch) camera connectors (J20 and J219).

we’ve tested with this Arducam cable as 15-pin to 22-pin conversion cable locally.

Hi Jerry,
I think we just need to make sure the pins that the camera uses matches the dev-kit csi connector when using 22-pin to 22-pin fpc. The ones I got from amazon got shorted so it has to be corrected (I joined two same side fpc and flip the other end, while waiting for the right module/cable).

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