"Official" Orin Nano Dev Carrier Board

I purchased a YAHBOOM Orin Nano dev kit. I suspect their implementation of the carrier board may be flawed. IMX477 cameras connected with a 22 pin CSI cable cause the machine not to boot. To date, only IMX219 cameras that adapt down to 22 pin work. This is of course after using jetson-io to configure the CSI interface for IMX477 on JetPack 5.1.1. I have tried multiple cables and their orientation is correct. I have contacted the camera supplier who indicates that some 3rd party carrier boards are problematic and that only “Official” nVidia boards are supported. Unfortunately, I cannot find a way to purchase an “Official” nVidia Orin Nano 8GB Dev Kit Carrier Board. Can someone point me to the correct location? It is not listed on your website as a separate item.

Three (3) separate IMX477 cameras of two different types have been tested with the same failure mode. Red light eventually goes out, no power, no network traffic is ever passed, no video out.

The "“Official” nVidia Orin Nano 8GB Dev Kit Carrier Board” is not sell separately, it comes with the Orin Nano SD card version module as a Orin Nano devkit. You should be able to find the buy info from Buy the Latest Jetson Products | NVIDIA Developer

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