Dome light texture randomization issue (replicator, Isaac Sim for Windows)


I’m having an issue with randomizing the texture for a dome light using the replicator.

The light texture is supposed to change every few frames, but on the first frame the light has no texture at all and is just white.

This problem occurred in a complex setup, but I was able to reproduce it in a smaller script based on the “Offline Dataset Generation” example (see attached Python file). (3.5 KB)

Below is the output of the script, the rgb_0005, rgb_0010, rgb_0015 and rgb_0020 images have the described problem.

Does anyone know a solution to this?

(I’m using Isaac Sim 2022.1.1-release.1 on Windows)

Hi there,

thank you for the detailed report. Can you check if increasing the RTSubframes solves the issue? Rendering extra frames could help with the material loading delay. Whilst rendering extra frames is not optimal it might be a good temporary solution.


Hi Andrei,

while rendering extra frames is indeed not optimal, it does solve the issue and is a sufficient temporary fix.

Thanks for the help!

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