Dp alternate mode support on on Jetson AGX xavier

We are designing a custom carrier board with Jetson AGX Xavier. We do not have power budget to design a synchronous buck boost converter for USB PD power in our chassis.
Will DP alternate mode work over type C without USB PD power path getting enabled? I mean the monitor can get powered thorugh external AC cource while the DP data tranfers through DP alternate mode over type C.
What is the power dissipation in the buck boost converver circuit used in AGX Xavier design fro USB PD power path ?

Hi, for typc-c design, you cna refer to the Jetson AGX Xavier Carrier Board Design USB Type C
Connection Example in product design guide. For 3rd-party USB PD, you should check with vendor for detail design/info.

The reason why AGX devkit’s DP port can work fine on type C usb is due to the “USB Type C Alt Mode Redriver Swtich” mentioned in the design guide document. Without this, DP cannot work on USB type C.

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