DP cable not working

I plugged in my Jetson Orin Nano and connected the DP cable. Nothing is showing up on my screen. Can somebody please help me?

The light on the board is green, but absolutely nothing shows up on the screen

You can use serial console to check the board status first.

I was also facing this issue today with Jetpack 6.0 on my Jetson Orin… The same setup was working yesterday and as I recall, there were some NVIDIA driver updates. SSH too was accessible.

NVIDIA-SMI 540.2.0 Driver Version: N/A CUDA Version: 12.2

After I reinstalling Jetpack 6.0 again , it started working.

How do I install jetpack if the dp cable won’t even connect?

Get the Jetson in recovery mode and use SDK manager to install jetpack onto it from Ubuntu host.

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