DriveWorks - DrivePX2 Autocruise


We are working with DriveWorks(0.2.0) algorithms on our DrivePX2 Autocruise(V4L

Here are few questions regarding our experimentation:

  • We are able to use some algorithms/features in our application but we are facing some issues with DriveLane & DriveNet. Trying to initialize DriveLane or DriveNet (dwLaneDetector_initializeLaneNet or dwDriveNet_initialize) leads to DW_NOT_AVAILABLE error. What does that mean? How could we troubleshot that error?
  • We would like to use occupancy grid data for custom processing and display. Unfortunately, we did not found functions in the API to access occupancy grid raw data. We only found rendering features. Did we missed something?
  • On presentation slides and your web site, we found some information about MAP localization, scene understanding, path planning problem solver and cluster display/ADAS rendering. Is it possible to get access to those functions?
  • We have two SF3322 cameras (16L030358 & 16L030337) connected to blue and white cables on port A. Unfortunately, we are not able to get data from them using sample programs such as sample_camera_multiple_gmsl. The errors are: nvmedia: ERROR: SetupVideoLink: Can't detect config link(0) nvmedia: ERROR: Init: Failed to setup video link ... Driveworks exception thrown: DW_SAL_CREATE_SENSOR: CameraGMSL: cannot connect to camera


Hello XavierR,

Could you please refer to below link?
You can get download the file(Getting started with DrivePX2).

  1. Could you please update DriveWorks version 0.2.0 to 0.2.1.
    Also we will update new version within Apr.

  2. Regarding DriveLane & DriveNet, could you please share the symptom in detail with your step? Please file a bug on NVONLINE if possible.

  3. Regarding occupancy grid, MAP localization, scene understanding, path planning and DriveWorks features, we will update the features in phases in 2017.

  4. Regarding camera input, please see the above document(Getting started with DrivePX2).


Hello Steve,

  1. It seems that version 0.2.O is the latest available on our partner portal. When do you expect to release the new version in Apr?
  2. Regarding DriveLane & DriveNet we are just calling the init function in a minimal program like this:
    // Context part
        dwContextHandle_t m_context;
    	dwStatus result = DW_SUCCESS;
    // instantiate Driveworks SDK context
    dwContextParameters sdkParams = {};
    result = dwInitialize(&m_context, DW_VERSION, &sdkParams);
    if (result != DW_SUCCESS)
        dwDriveNetParams drivenetParams;
    result = dwDriveNet_initDefaultParams(&drivenetParams);
    if (result != DW_SUCCESS)
    drivenetParams.enableFuseObjects = DW_FALSE;
    drivenetParams.maxNumImages = 1U;
    drivenetParams.maxProposalsPerClass = 800U;
    drivenetParams.imageHeight = image.height;
    drivenetParams.imageWidth = image.width;
    drivenetParams.networkType = DW_DRIVENET_TYPE_FP32;
    // Give full image
    drivenetParams.ROIs[0] = {0, 0, static_cast<int32_t>(image.width),
    // Bounding boxes will be in image coordinate system.
    drivenetParams.transformations[0] = {{1.0f, 0.0f, 0.0f,
                                              0.0f, 1.0f, 0.0f,
                                              0.0f, 0.0f, 1.0f}};
    result = dwDriveNet_initialize(&m_driveNet, m_context, &drivenetParams);
  3. I will have a look again for the cameras but there is no clear statement about the specific configuration for our camera model in our documentation.



Regarding our DriveLane & DriveNet issue, it appeared to be link to the SDK data path (not set).

As for the cameras, unfortunately, the documentation you pointed out was not so helpful.
Help about the available parameters is very light but the main issue was about the position of the connectors (A0, A1, A2 & A3): actually mixing both give us quite a lot of combinations to try out.
On the quick start guide shipped with our DrivePX2-Autocruise the connector layout (board side) is ok while the indication about the wires color (adapter to plug 4 cameras on one port) is wrong which lead us to connect cameras on A2 & A3 rather than A0 & A1.

Looking forward to get the newest version.


Hello XavierR,

Thank you for your update and checking.

Regarding DrivePX2 PDK(DriveWorks) update, could you please ask your local NVIDIA account team to post it?
Sorry, we will update new DrivePX2 PDK in May.

#2, would you please file a bug for this symptom on NVONLINE( Thanks.

Have you tried to specify the camera type such as ‘–camera-type=ar0231-rccb’ or ‘–camera-type=ar0231’. In the doc, they provided ‘./sample_camera_gmsl --camera-type=c-ov10640-b1’, but that is not the camera type for SF3322.


@SteveNV: Thanks, I asked it and we will get the release as soon as it will be available.

@WZhouuuu: Thanks, this was for sure one of the issues. The most tricky one was about the connectors labeling issue.