Dual-Mode (DP/HDMI) Design

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How do we have to make the connections in a design for a Display Port Connector which supports Dual-Mode (DP/HDMI)? In the OEM Product Design Guide for the TX2, there is a small schematic given (Figure 28), but we are not sure how it works. We would like to be able to use passive Adapters (to DVI or HDMI) with our system. In which way we can realise this? Does the Software is able to switch automatically between the two Modes?
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Is current problem a hardware issue (design) or the software issue?

We are still designing the carrier board and any help according to the correct schematic for the Dual-Mode will be appreciated.
In the end, the TX2 has also to recognize the two different Modes, therefore we would also like to know how this works. Is this included into the software or does this mean we need two different configurations?

Any help on this topic would be appreciated. How can we realise the Dual-Mode?

Hi, for hardware design, figure 28 shows the additional parts needed for dual mode. As you can see the main difference between DP and HDMI is the connection of DP_AUX_CHx_P/N, following figure 28 to add the circuits will be OK. Also please pay attention to the Data lines design, the Rpd and chokes are required as figure 26 showing.
And sure need SW work to switch mode supported on port.