dwEgomotion_addOdometry steering angle value

Hi everyone,

I wonder if anyone can explain me why the 14.8 value appears in the following factor of the Driveworks’ egomotion sample?

float32_t gCanSteeringFactor= 0.001179277f;   // steeringWheelAngle -> steeringAngle = deg2rad(a/14.8)

Usually, I would only use a deg2rad conversion, since the dwEgomotion_addOdometry function receive radian values for the steering angle case.

I will appreciate your help, because I need to know if I required this value for my steering wheel angle signal value coming from CAN bus.



Dear Pedro,

Egomotion module expects steering angle on the road as input. Our CAN recordings contain however steering wheel angle. This factor maps it from steering wheel angle into steering angle. Usually the mapping is often nonlinear however as approximation a linear factor of 1/14.8 works great and is also recommended for the particular MKZ vehicles we use. It might differ for customer vehicle though. Thanks.

Dear Steve,

Thank you for the answer. Now, the use of the factor 14.8 is clear for me. Best.