DX12 Raytracing tutorial Crash

I have following this tutorial https://developer.nvidia.com/rtx/raytracing/dxr/DX12-Raytracing-tutorial-Part-2 (with the part 1). But, even if I download the zip project at the end, I have an error at runtime (that crash the program, even the imgui and shadow project).

More precisely at this line (RaytracingPipelineGenerator - line 276):

HRESULT hr = m_device->CreateStateObject(&pipelineDesc, IID_PPV_ARGS(&rtStateObject));

The throw is executed. And hr return “E_INVALIDARG One or more arguments are invalid.”. I supposed the tutorial is not up to date. But I don’t find any fix. Any idea?

Driver: 452.06
GPU: RTX 2060
OS: Windows 10 19041.450


Ok so, it’s working with the Windows SDK 10.0.18362.0. But not with the 10.0.19041.0.