DXCache Issues & File Path


We are facing application load time issues (stuck at a black screen) when we run DirectX 12 enabled Unreal Engine experiences on a Windows for the first time. According to our findings, the application is generating cache files, and storing them under the default DXCache path - %USERPROFILE%\AppData\LocalLow\NVIDIA\PerDriverVersion\DXCache. When we run the application for the second time, it works without any problems.

It seems that the cache generation process taking too long for the Unreal Engine 5.x applications with DirectX 12 support.

The first question is, is there a way to speed up or disable this caching process? Or any suggestions to help to solve the problem.

And the second is, is there a way to change this path? If yes, we can try to move this path to SDD to increase the I/O speed, or store them on another storage and use the initial cache files for future sessions to prevent recalculation each time.

hi @srdr , i’m facing the same issue, did you managed to solve it somehow?