Dyn Simulation is not reset to start when I press STOP

I have urgent issue here, deadline is at my hands.

Now the hard work I did yesterday is ruined cos I simulation is not reset to the begin rest-state when I press STOP.

See the video:

Please help?

Hi Pekka, does reset on stop work for a new scene and is just broken for this stage, or in general? Note that there is a setting for this behavior here, be sure this is still checked:


If its just for this stage, any idea when it started happening (after what edit you did?) Is it possible you accidentally saved the stage during playback?

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I try to find out what made it. I had to rebuild the scenes dynamic impulse push, but it took only 15 min…

@AdamMoravanszky I sended the above scene for you.
The book cabins should be up and standing but they are starting from this position… Maybe you can find out why by looking closer this scene?