E-con Systems e-cam130A_CUXVR NOT working on Jetson Xavier AGX

I am trying to use the e-cam130A_CUXVR (4x4k Camsystem) with my Jetson Xavier AGX running on JP4.4, but its not working.
Here I want to share what happend so far:

  • bought the camera system and installed everything according to the instructions from e-con systems, with the result that only 3 of 4 camera worked.
  • the system was exchanged after some mail traffic from e-con systems but the “repair” had to be paid (~$300)
  • after i received the new system and completely reflashed the xavier the new system is not working again but this time zero cameras were working
  • after another mail exchange, e-con system sends me (for free) a new board, but again nothing works at all

My question here is if anyone had simaliar problems with the system or if anyone is using it as well if there are simaliar systems available on the market.

BR Sandro

hello sandro.steinhuber,

please share kernel logs to include more details. i.e. $dmesg > klog.txt

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klogs.txt (247.8 KB)

hello sandro.steinhuber,

it seems some failures while kernel initialization,
for example,

[    4.623460] ar1335 35-0042: pwdn gpios not in DT
[    4.623607] ar1335 35-0042: unable to get platform data
[    4.623609] invalid GPIO 65019

please contact with camera partner for further supports.

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Thank you very much, that approve what was my guess also.
I am in contact with e-con Systems and will share the result here.

Hello sandro_perlasteinhuber,

The issue is due to the GPIO expander in e-CAM30_HEXCUXVR_BASE_BRD is not initialized properly. Since you are already in contact with our support team(tickets.ID:3947), your issue will be addressed as soon as possible.

The technicians from econ-systems could find out that our used SSD (Samsung 970 Evo Pro) is causing problems that lead to the camera system not working. Once you remove the drive and reflash the Xavier, the camera system works. According to econ-systems one should use a Samsung 980 Pro. I will test if this works.