Easiest way to connect hydrophone to NVIDIA jetson AGX Orin

Hi all,

I want to perform an experiment with hydrophones and microphones on a Jetson AGX Orin. I did not purchase the hydrophones yet, so I am flexible towards the final approach.
I have seen that the AGX Orin has an audio header and that pins 1 and 3 support a microphone. I am not an electronics person. Does this mean that I could solder directly a microphone in pin 1 and pin 2 (ground) and get a microphone working? Or do I need a more complicated setup with an amplifier etc?

Perhaps there is an easier way via USB?

Hi, are you talking about Orin devkit? What are the pin 1 and 2 from? For custom audio design please refer to the chapter Audio of Orin Design Guide doc in DLC.

Hi, thank you for your reply.

Yes I am talking about the Nvidia Jetson AGX Orin development board.
And I was referring to the pins in the audio header J511.

Pin 1 is audo_mic_L from codec. It means left channel of digital mic, you can get voice record by connecting a digital mic to it. No suggestion on “hydrophone”. Please read the design guide and data sheet docs in DLC first.

The design guide shows a series of technical tables which I do not know how to decipher. I was looking for more down to earth information.

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