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what is the current support/compatibility status regarding Eclipse CDT and Photran tools with latest release of the PGI?


When I tried it was not all that great:

The debugger is almost impossible to configure.
So no watches, no breakpoints, no memory management.

Eclipse then reduces to a bulk code editor.

You need to construct your own makefiles and that’s not easy. It might work though. I abandoned at this point…

Yes … I have got the same experience. Eclipse is definitely not suitable for integration with current PGI tools. But, is there any Linux IDE, which is able to integrate with PGI tools without serious troubles?

On the other hand, PGI has very good debugger and profiler, so there is only need for its integration to the suitable IDE.

What are the future PGI plans on this topic? Or, what is the recommended development environment (editor, makefiles management, etc.) for PGI tools on Linux?

  • PGI appreciates your taking the time to let us know what you think.
  • Interest among PGI users for integration of PGI products in Eclipse has only really started to gain traction within the last year or so.
  • PGI is looking at options; your feedback would be helpful. What are you most interested in using with Eclipse:
  1. PGI Fortran compilers
  2. PGI C/C++ compilers
  3. PGI parallel and/or Fortran debugger
  4. Something else

  • PGI isn’t ready to announce support for Eclipse just yet but it is on our road map, and we expect to deliver some level of support in a product release later this year.

In our modeling lab, 1 and 3 are most useful. Integration of the debugger IDE in eclipse would be great as well!

What are you most interested in using with Eclipse:

  1. PGI Fortran compilers
  2. PGI C/C++ compilers
  3. PGI parallel and/or Fortran debugger
  4. Something else

From my point of view the most important items are 1(+2). Current PGI profiler or debugger may still be used as a standalone application. But of course, its integration in Eclipse IDE would be really great!

My vote(s) go for 1 and 3, especially with CUDA Fortran in mind.


As for my vote, I am eager to have PGI Fortran compilers integrated into Eclipse/Photran. I also want the debugger to work.

Is there an estimated date for Eclipse support?

Hi David,

You should be able to get Photran to work with pgfortran now. Per Photran’s FAQ (See: it will work with any compiler since it doesn’t call the compiler directly (it’s called via a makefile). It’s also my understanding that Photran is able to parse PGI’s error messages as well.

What we need to do is probably write-up a ‘How-to’ guide or add an auto-configuration script of some type. Photran might have a problem with CUDA Fortran syntax. Not sure all the details though. We have one engineer that’s working on the C and CUDA C side and once that’s done he work on the Fortran side and possibly integrate our debugger. No firm time line at this point.

  • Mat

Hi Mat. Any reportable progress on using PGI products with Eclipse?



Hi Malcolm,

I believe the current plan is to include PGI C support for Eclipse in the 12.0 release.

  • Mat

Hi Mat. Good to read that Eclipse support will be in 2012. I hope it will be in 2012.1!

My main interest is in its use with Fortran, which will require the use of Photran. This may not need any additional work on PGI’s part. Would you please inquire?