Emotions blendshapes


Is there a way to export the 10 types of Emotions (e.g Amazement, Anger, Disgust, etc) as blendshapes, like we can with 52xARkit and 46xNV blendshapes?

That would be awesome!

Many thanks for any help!

Hello @gmmc! I am looking through the Audio2Emotion tool in A2F, but I am not finding a way to export the mesh as a blendshape. Let me ask the dev team for more information on this!

Hi @gmmc, you mean you want to export the representative poses from 10 emotions? .
You cannot export them as blendshapes but you can export them as geometry cache and then make a blendshape in Maya or Blender.

I would do like this:

  1. record an audio file that has no sound (mute audio)
  2. set keyframes by changing the emotion values as you like
  3. export the a2f animation and geometry cache from data conversion tab
  4. load the animation into your DCC
  5. duplicate the emotional expressions that you’d like to add to the blendshape, and make a blendshape rig.

Hi @yseol

Thanks, actually thats the way i way doing it! :P
I was hoping there was a more streamlined way, but thanks anyway.