Emotions list documentation

Hey guys, so far loving this application!

Question or request: Was wondering if it is possible to have the documentation update, or the drop down updated stating what each of the emotions in the source slot are supposed to be. (Happy, sad, angry) Currently they are listed as things such as g2a g1b g3. I am not sure what each of these emotions are.

Hi @andrewbrianis ,
Glad to hear that you enjoy the app.
In the current a2f those “emotion” labels correspond to the training data used, they are not really correspond to any semantic emotional state as they are mostly neutral.
However, when we release the full face emotion control later this year, such emotion control would be possible.
You can see the preview of such feature in this GTC talk : Audio-Driven Full 3D Facial Animation with Emotion Control | NVIDIA On-Demand