When is emotion control coming to A2F?

Is there any plan on when is the emotion control release happening?


Hi @xabierolaz We are currently testing emotion control and it is due for release in Q1 of 2022.

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thanks for reply

Hello, is this feature still on the tracks, with the same ETA ?
We’re very excited to try this out :)

Is slated for end of Q1, early Q2 at the moment. Stay tuned for updates.

I see there is something now!

Can you please explain ? I see nothing new about emotions in the software…

Any new ETA about this feature ?

From Omniverse discord A2F channel:

emotion control will be on the next “fullface emotion” release, which will be around end of May - yseol — 04/28/2022

Also at the same channel I posted this short video about the current “emotion control”:

Great, thanks for your answer !

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Thank you for the interest in the upcoming release of full face full emotion A2F.

Right now the ETA for next release is end of June / early July. The team is working hard to make sure the next release is going to be a great one, stay tuned and thanks again for the support and interest.

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Any update? Too giddy to wait ; ) Thanks so much!

We are very very close. :) Stay tuned for an announcement soon.

Thank you for all your patience.

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Just landed

I do suggest checking out the new tutorial before diving as there are some new options and features with Emotions, Audio2Emotion - automating emotion from sound, and new character setup option for the full face.

Have fun.

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