Emotion settings aren't saving

If I modify any of the values in the Audio2Face Emotion section (Source Shot, Source Frame) then save and reload the project, the values always reset back to the defaults (Shot g2b, Frame 7). Other settings in this area (Pre-processing, Post-Processing) are saving and reloading fine.

Using version 2021.3.2.

HEY @KERMITTT! (I love Kermit! >>Sings the lyrics to " Movin’ Right Along")
Welcome to the community! I reached out to the Audio2Face team about your problem.

It also might be helpful if we can see a copy of your logs. You can find them here: Connector Logs: C:\Users\<USERNAME>\Documents\Omniverse\<CONNECTORNAME>

Hi @Kermittt , thanks for the ping. We know we had that bug but it should of been fixed by now.

Let us double check on that. Thanks