Mark_solved_arkit - Audio2Face 2023.1.0 - is not working

I’m experiencing an issue with Audio2Face 2023.1.0. When using the “mark_solved_arkit” example, the facial simulation doesn’t work while the audio is running. The console displays the following errors:

2023-07-26 18:05:27 [Error] [omni.graph.core.plugin] /World/audio2face/BlendshapeSolve: Assertion raised in compute - local variable ‘cout’ referenced before assignment

2023-07-26 18:05:27 [Error] [omni.graph.core.plugin] File “d:\program files\omniverse\lib\audio2face-2023.1.0\exts\omni.audio2face.exporter\omni\audio2face\exporter\ogn\python\nodes\”, line 183, in compute

2023-07-26 18:05:27 [Error] [omni.graph.core.plugin] out_weight = db.internal_state.solver.computeFacsWeights(points.reshape(-1, 1))

2023-07-26 18:05:27 [Error] [omni.graph.core.plugin] File “d:/program files/omniverse/lib/audio2face-2023.1.0/exts/omni.audio2face.exporter/omni/audio2face/exporter/scripts/”, line 215, in computeFacsWeights

2023-07-26 18:05:27 [Error] [omni.graph.core.plugin] client.send_message(‘/’ + str(blend[cout]), i)

2023-07-26 18:05:27 [Error] [omni.graph.core.plugin]

I need help resolving this as it’s crucial for my work. Please advise on how to fix this.

Thank you
kit_20230726_212629.log (2.8 MB)

Hello and welcome to the forums @ahmedzrashad

The errors you’re showing in your post don’t show up in the log file. Is it possible that this log is an old one?

Can you please send your latest Audio2Face log file which is located inside C:\Users\<USERNAME>\.nvidia-omniverse\logs\Kit\Audio2Face?

Also it would help us troubleshoot this much easier if you can show the steps you took that resulted in this error.

that was the last log I created, maybe I did something wrong, so I recorded a video of what I was doing and sending a new log
kit_20230726_231318.log (4.2 MB)

I apologize for the inconvenience caused. The issue was on my side. I had written some code in to export facial data to Unreal Engine, which caused the crash. After removing that code, Audio2Face 2023.1.0 is now working perfectly.
probably it’s a Python library installation issue or something related.
thank you <3

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