Empty Fusion output in this star fusion version fusion_predictions.tsv

When calling fusions on a sample with newer version of STAR aligner and STAR fusion we are getting a good number of Fusion calls and junction read counts among them, but when running with para clara bricks pbrun STAR aligner and STAR-fusion we are getting empty file, Chimeric Junctions file in latter case is generated of very less size
Note: we are using same parameter, as well as default and all sorts of parameters
Our Star version:2.7.8a , and STAR-Fusion version: 1.11.0

Thanks in advance

@gburnett , is newer versions of STAR aligner and STAR-Fusion going to replace older versions inside para clara bricks rna_fq2bam ,as older version are not compatible with libraries made with newer STAR !

As far as I know, there are no plans for that.